November Compilation at Fed Square

The November compilation for Propaganda Window (Fed Square) is a nostalgic and romantic one. Showcasing three short works of Amelia Johannes’s reconfigured history (Translating District Six, Following/Following, You can’t have ONE without the OTHER) Bonnie Lane’s epic dress up (Maybe Tomorrow), Kim Guthrie’s exposure of the identity of street artist Banksy (I’M BANKSY) and Michael Meneghetti’s crossing of the wedding photo threshold (il mio cuore, la soglia).

Curated by Michael Meneghetti

Artist/Project Title Duration Year
Amelia Johannes Translating District Six 00:04:02:14 2008
Amelia Johannes Following/Following 00:01:12:72 2010
Amelia Johannes You can’t have ONE without the OTHER 00:01:14:11 2010
Bonnie Lane Maybe Tomorrow 00:15:37:01 2011
Kim Guthrie I’M BANKSY 00:04:20:00 2011
Michael Meneghetti il mio cuore, la soglia 00:03:11:12 2009

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