Propaganda Window (Melbourne) presents:

Subway to Venus

Goran Tomic

7-25 February | Opening Friday 10 February 2012 6-9pm (Projections begin at sunset)

It starts with the Subway…a pre-determined A to Z (like blood from the heart to the brain)…that’s okay I can relax, not think… “hey, I got places not to be, people not to see, people not to be”…the subway is a snake…a spine lined with darkness…the inside of the underground… “Exoskeleton, that’s right…it will be done”.

 “Subway to Venus” is a scene from the underworld. A trans migration from the Subway and the things that make me feel that I’m mad… a passage and search heavy with emptiness through change for love (Venus). – Goran Tomic

Subway to Venus projects every night across all three screens at 110 Franklin Street Melbourne.


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