Propaganda Window (Fed Square) April

Propaganda Window (Fed Square) April Compilation

Propaganda Window (Fed Square) presents a half hour mix of the moving image with some international flair for April 2012.

See augmented realities from subTEXT (Australia), David Anthony Sant (UK), Visionary Images (Australia), Lorna Crane (Australia), Simon Mack and Phil Hargreaves (UK), Ghayyan Al Amine (Lebanon) and Hayley Brandon (Australia) in this dreamlike sequence of video art screening over April on the Big Screen and Atrium.

Please visit Fed Square’s website for screening times

Curated by Michael Meneghetti



Featured Artists April Compilation:

Artist/Project Title Duration
subTEXT We know 4:57
David Anthony Sant The Shard 3:18
Visionary Images Chasing Wolves 1:30
Lorna Crane Flashback 4:25
Ghayyan Al Amine Screen Savours 3:05
Simon Mack +

Phil Hargreaves

PUSH/Pull 8:06
Hayley Brandon That joke isn’t funny anymore 3:12



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