We know | subTEXT

Propaganda Window Presents: 
We know
A projection installation by anonymous collective subTEXT
April 3 – 28   
Opening Night Friday April 13 | 6pm
“Help. A universal need. An act of generosity. A moment of knowing you aren’t alone.
HELP! I’m drowning. I’ve lost my car keys. I’m too fat to be loved. I have no sense of purpose. I’m wearing last season’s trousers.
The biggest industry in the world isn’t guns, sex or banking. It’s help. We buy what we think helps us. We identify a need and someone offers a solution. Or someone identifies an opportunity and sells us a problem.
Hear that, anti-bacterial handwash? We’re talking to you.
 Our world is full of messages designed to persuade, seduce and scare us into following the prescription offered. We know picks up a long stick and prods at the ambiguous underbelly of a media landscape that insists it knows what we need.”  – subTEXT


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