Propaganda Window and Fed Square

Propaganda Window (Fed Square) May Compilation

Propaganda Window (Fed Square) presents a half hour mix of the moving image with a focus on Melbourne-based artist Caitlin Telford for May 2012. See a series of Caitlin’s works, including her current show in Propaganda Window (110 Franklin St).

We also feature a collection of international and local works from artists that will take part in upcoming events from Propaganda window, for an early taste of video art from Pabi (Australia), Klvo (Venezuela), Alex Gibson + Hao Guo (Australia – China) and Elodie Milo (France) screening over May on the Big Screen and Atrium.

Please visit Fed Square’s website for screening times

Curated by Propaganda Window



Featured Artists April Compilation:

Artist/Project Title Duration
Caitlin Telford Keep In Touch (extract) 4:20
Caitlin Telford Control Alt Delete 8:03
Caitlin Telford The Digital Enclosure 4:00
Pabi Stamina 3:58
Klvo Abstractor Trick 0:42
Alex Gibson + Hao Guo Burning Penzai 2:26
Elodie Milo Ida 3:12


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