Keep in Touch


Propaganda Window Presents: 
Keep in Touch
A projection installation by Caitlin Telford
May 1 – 26   
Opening Night Friday May 4 | 6pm
Keep in Touch opens up a visual dialogue that explores the virtual interface between public and private, realms whilst examining how social medias incorporation into the everyday domestic life has created new codes of behaviour regarding the body and how its representation is accessed, promoted and celebrated.
Cait Telford is a Melbourne based multi media artist who is currently studying her Masters In Fine Art at RMIT University. Caitlin has been shortlisted for the augural Siemens Fine Art Scholarship Award (2009 and 2010) and the RMIT Honours Endowment Scholarship Award (2010). Through the utilisation of various materials and imagery, Caitlin’s practice investigates the virtual interface between public and private, specifically exploring cyberspaces synthesise of real and representation, exploitation and consent, with specific reference to the influence this has on individuals and their relationship with the body.

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