Subtopia: The Myth of Doyle

Preview | Artscape: Subtopia

Starts Tuesday, 11 Sept 2012 at 10pm, ABC1

Propaganda Window and Federation Square Big Screen presents a half hour mix of the moving image, featuring a collection of international and local works from artists: Adrian Doyle, Alex Gibson, Jessica Sprague, Dru Blumensheid, Klvo and Gianni Wise on the Big Screen and Atrium.

Featured Artworks

“Subtopia: an artwork in the medium of television” by Adrian Doyle, directed by Jacob Oberman & produced by Adrian Doyle, Jacob Oberman, Lucy Mclaren, Piya Suksodsai

“Stroke” by Alex Gibson:

Compilation Artworks
“Night Scapes” by Jessica Sprague
“Brumesi’s Unrecognizable Death” by Dru Blumensheid
“Plastic Dance White Rain (excerpt)” by Dru Blumensheid
“Fair Test” by Klvo
“Scenario House” by Gianni Wise
“Discomposed (excerpt)” by Gianni Wise

Stroke, Alex Gibson 2012

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