Propaganda Window turns off its lights

Goodbye and Thanks

Four years after switching on Melbourne’s first CBD dedicated outdoor video art space, Propaganda Window, the project is now moving on from 110 Franklin Street.

Co-founder and Curator Michael Meneghetti set-up Propaganda Window in 2008 to fill the gap in public video art spaces in Melbourne and give artists a unique platform to present their work outside the traditional gallery system.

Propaganda Window was entirely funded by a supportive artistic community. For Michael, running it was a labour of love. “I wanted it to be fully independent and did everything possible to make it affordable and accessible to all video artists” Michael said. “We wanted this project to show the true value of video art without compromise.”

Over its four year run, Propaganda Window presented diverse exhibitions featuring more than 100 local, interstate and international artists.

Over the next year Michael hopes to expand digital and performance art’s reach  into more public and domestic spaces. ‘Propaganda Window was a great learning curve, now it’s time for some real innovation in how we present art in the 21st century!’ He says.

Michael wishes to thank senior curator Alex Gibson, key contributor Daniel Calvo and of course all the amazing artists who supported the project during its incubation at the CBD site.

Over the next few months, the Propaganda Window website will be archived to showcase the amazing four years of the project.

For more information about Michael Meneghetti’s upcoming projects visit

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